Dear Fairfield Families, Friends and Visitors,

Welcome! We appreciate your interest in Fairfield International Academy and invite you to explore both our campus (observing appropriate COVID-19 precautions, of course) and our website to learn more about all that a Fairfield education has to offer.

Fairfield International Academy’s Spring Garden Campus is right by the sea (with private seaside access as part of the campus) and enjoys expansive outdoor grounds with lawns, fields and a sizable outdoor swimming pool. These facilities offer limitless opportunities for contextualized learning, sports and after-school activities. The grounds' majestic, shady trees provide the perfect setting for study spots, organic gardening, and project-based learning outdoors, fun recess spaces to run amok, or just wander in contemplation.

These inspirational surroundings support our commitment to holistic learning combined with out-of-the-box lessons, surrounded by nature. Of course, the indoor student-centered classrooms are guaranteed to maximize each student's comfort and catapult his/her interests, attention, comfort, and learning. The spaces are outfitted and equipped with the students’ needs foremost in mind, from modular furniture to modern-day supplies, a wireless learning environment and small classes.

Fairfield International Academy opened its doors September 2018 with grades 6, 7, 8 and 9, adding 10th grade in September, 2019, soon to reach its full 7-12 scope, graduating its first Class in 2022. The school will move to its permanent campus in Fairfield, Montego Bay, once construction of the new 14-acre campus is complete. The foundations for full NEASC-CIE accreditation and authorisation of the Diploma Programme (International Baccalaureate) are underway and woven into our international curricula.

Around the classroom table, in the science lab, on fields, in studios or on stage, you’ll find friends and classmates who are smart, caring, passionate and funny. Fairfield students like to create, to solve problems, to work hard, to laugh, and to try new things. They develop confidence in themselves and pride in their classmates and their school. With so many ways to grow at Fairfield, surrounded by so many talented classmates and teachers, you’ll find a niche just right for you. Click the Admissions tab to find the application and scholarship information you might be seeking. Welcome! We look forward to learning about you and your family!

Come, visit!

Griffin Morse
Head Principal