As part of the effort to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, we have closed our campus temporarily. However, our admissions team continues to work remotely and is committed to supporting you through the application process. Please contact the Admissions Coordinator, Miss Danielle Effs ([email protected])


Like all schools, we have been following news and reopening strategies around the world. We issued our 2020-2021 calendar two months ago, before the COVID-19 outbreak, so, obviously, it will be adapted as required by circumstances, government mandates and health conditions. Our intention at this point is to open the campus for Orientation Monday, August 31, and start classes Wednesday, September 2. If there is a delay for opening campus or restrictions on its use, we have several tentative options being studied to implement, accordingly.

Fairfield International Academy uses the American grade system of K-12. We are accepting enrollment for grades 7-10, as well as the 11th grade in the 2020-2021 school year.

Placement in grades is based on a student’s age and achievement. Students are not held back to repeat a grade when he/she enters from a school operating with the British or other international school systems. If you have questions about placement, please contact the Head Principal.

As is the custom at international schools, parents can enroll their children anytime during the school year by using the application form on the Admissions page of the website. For the 2019-2020 school year, second semester begins January 27, 2020. For standard enrollment, the new school year (2020-2021), classes begin the last week of August.

There is no specific internal or external entrance exam for admission to Fairfield International Academy. High School students will take placement tests specific to math and English. An interview is held with the Head Principal and a parent meeting is also encouraged for informational purposes.

Yes, we certainly welcome students from towns and cities across Jamaica, including international families living here temporarily. We do not provide transportation, however. We certainly encourage and help facilitate carpooling among our families.

Yes, lunch is provided for a fee two or three days per week.

Yes, Fairfield offers four types of scholarships:

  1. The Virtus Scholarship is based on academics,
  2. The Fair Chance Scholarship is based on academics and financial need,
  3. The Athletic Scholarship is based on proven athletic accomplishments and significant leadership in the classroom and in extracurricular activities, and
  4. The Arts Scholarship is based on proven accomplishments in the arts, extracurricular and broad, academic achievement.

All scholarships are dependent on available sponsorship. For greater detail and access to the forms, click here.