High School Program

Academics are inquiry-and project-based, with students’ questions and ideas as the driving force in each day’s lessons. A differentiated and challenging learning environment coupled with structure and support nurture curiosity, skill development, and creativity. Teachers model a growth mindset and work with students to set individual goals and monitor progress.

Through meaningful daily interaction with teachers and peers, students learn to embrace multiple perspectives, develop empathy, and value others’ stories, growing as citizens and as students through their time at school.

High School Program (Grades 9+)

Our High School curriculum aims to cultivate the skills articulated in the school’s approaches to learning: creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, cross-cultural understanding, digital literacy, learning self-reliance and communication. The curriculum instills core values surrounding ethical behavior, respect, courage and compassion as it develops thinking citizens committed to leadership and sustainability. The school achieves these aims through a vibrant and challenging college preparatory curriculum. A partnership with the Global Online Academy, a consortium of independent schools around the world, offers expanded course options through an innovative program of online learning.

By offering these unique curricular opportunities, Fairfield International Academy encourages students to pursue and develop their interests, cultivate original ideas, and take an active role in their own learning. Students have the opportunity to participate in extra-curricular offerings in arts, athletics, activities, and a wide variety of service clubs.

Experiential learning opportunities are another key aspect of the high school experience. Project-based learning allows students to experience everything from business to medicine to fashion design, allowing them to hone their interests and look ahead toward college and career. Partnerships with local partners allow students the opportunity to collaborate in research studies and delve into their passions wherever that may take them. Across the high school experience, service learning provides opportunities to develop a sense of community and commitment with Montego Bay.

Fairfield faculty are committed to supporting student growth through relevant, personal interactions that foster the intellectual and academic skills and personal qualities represented in our core values.

Traits necessary to live and succeed in an ever complex world.


E-Learning Environment

All grades are part of the school’s 1:1 laptop program—one laptop for each student. Apple laptops are thoughtfully integrated into curriculum and instruction. Digital tools provide opportunities for students to engage in their own learning and expand learning seamlessly beyond the classroom walls.

The laptops support our work to develop students who exhibit the 7 C’s as collaborators: Critical Thinking & Problem-solving, Creativity & Innovation Collaboration, Teamwork & Leadership Cooperation, Cross-cultural Understanding, Communication & Media Fluency, Computing & ICT Fluency Career & Learning Self-reliance

In order to provide the same platform to all students, the Academy has provided specifications to parents as they purchase laptops. All students must have their own laptop with a case to prevent damage.

Design Program

Our Design Program guides students through the design cycle to discover and analyze problems, create possible solutions, and then apply those solutions. Projects at all grades levels consider the real-life relevance to people and the sustainability of solutions.

As students progress through school, this becomes a fundamental piece for the Grade 8 community project, the Grade 10 personal project, and subsequent capstone projects.