Middle School Program

Academics are based on an inquiry-based model with project-based learning at its core. Students’ questions and ideas are the driving force in each day’s lessons. A differentiated and challenging learning environment is coupled with a supportive structure to nurture curiosity, skill development, and creativity. Teachers model a growth mindset and work with students to set individual goals and monitor progress.

Through meaningful daily interaction with teachers and peers, students learn to embrace multiple perspectives, develop empathy, and value others’ perspectives, growing as citizens and individuals through their time at Fairfield International Academy.


Fairfield International Academy is a community of active learners, offering academic challenge while nurturing emotional growth to develop the whole child. We offer a rigorous and challenging curriculum of math, language arts, world languages, social studies, and science that gives students the challenge to build new skills and explore increasingly complex ideas. Their emotional, physical, and creative development is further nurtured through fine arts, talented and gifted/enrichment and athletic programs.

Students begin their Middle School experience at FIA with a curriculum intentionally designed to prepare them for High School and beyond. In class, the differentiation occurs with our talented and gifted specialist. Each student receives a curriculum uniquely designed to meet his/her individual learning needs and style. Our 21st century STEAM curriculum extensions are delivered in each content area ensuring students are well-equipped with the direct instruction and application skills necessary to compete in today’s global society. Creativity, balance and open-mindedness are further explored through the Arts, World Languages, and Physical Education courses.

A Maker Space environment challenges students to explore areas of passion and development, as provided in the scheduled Genius Hour. Teachers embed lessons on peer relationships, collaboration, digital literacy, diversity awareness, etiquette, public speaking, research techniques, service learning and leadership throughout the curriculum. With this foundation in place, we build on previous knowledge.

In the Eighth Grade, an interdisciplinary community research project challenges students to stretch their creative and critical thinking skills. The focus of the Middle School years is rigorous learning habits, leadership training and service learning, as well as preparing students to enter high school. This is the grade where research meets reality as students explore and directly apply skills learned in previous years.