Tuition & Fees 2019-2020

We at Fairfield International Academy are committed to providing a rigorous inquiry-based education that adheres to challenging, global standards while staying true to its Jamaican heritage.  Fees that ensure the proper functioning of the school are a critical form of revenue for the school, and prompt payment of all fees is the responsibility of all Fairfield parents/guardians. In addition to allowing us to provide a high quality of education for your students, the fees are used to:

    • provide competitive compensation for teaching, administrative and grounds staff,
    • provide resources, materials, facilities and equipment, and
    • maintain facilities.

The school fee policy is to:

    • outline for families the expectations, responsibilities and arrangements for the collection of school fees, and
    • support families experiencing changed and difficult financial circumstances to maintain their child’s/children’s enrolment at the school.

Information about our school fees is communicated in the following ways:

    • on the school website,
    • at enrolment interviews,
    • at the beginning of the second semester (for the following year’s fees),
    • via email to all enrolled families, and

Tuition Fees 2019-2020 (all fees are quoted in US dollars)


USD $10,100 Tuition for the 2019-2020 Academic Year
USD $150 Application fee
USD $1,500 One-time enrolment fee for each new student upon entering the school

Fees Schedule

Application Fee: due at the time of application
Enrolment Fee: due at the time of official acceptance by the Head Principal


Option Total
Three Payments $3,600
Due 8.19.2019
Due 12.19.19
Due 4.6.20
Two Payments $5, 175
Due 8.19.2019
Due 1.20.20
Single Payment $10,100
Due 8.19.2019


Tuition Fees Include

  • Access to e-learning platforms that facilitate parent-teacher collaboration
  • Textbooks
  • E-textbooks
  • Apps for e-learning
  • Tutorials before and after school
  • Most extracurricular activities
  • Individualized Advisor Program

Tuition Fees Do Not Include

  • Lunch
  • Personal laptop and repairs
  • Transportation to/from school
  • Uniforms
  • Personal school supplies

School Fee Billing Procedure

    1. Prior to fee invoices being issued parents/guardians will receive an email requesting which Payment Option is preferred; if no response is received the Two-Payments Option will be invoiced.
    2. All tuition invoices issued by Fairfield within will be sent via email four weeks prior to fees being due.  Tuition invoices will be sent from [email protected]
    3. Reminder notices will be sent to parents/guardians the day after due date.
    4. Second Reminder notice will be sent to parents/guardians 11 days after due date with a statement of account which will include the penalty payment of US$200
    5. Outstanding accounts are those that are not fully paid, or where direct debit does not fully cover the fees
    6. Any arrangements to vary the conditions for payment must be made through the Business Manager and approved by the Head Principal.
    7. Should the account remain outstanding, Fairfield will contact the parent/guardian to organise a meeting with the Head Principal, at a mutually agreeable time. The meeting will include a discussion of the issues surrounding fee payment and agreeable terms for the repayment conditions. The outcome of the meeting will be confirmed in writing to the parent/guardian.
    8. If the parent/guardian does not communicate with the Head Principal about the outstanding account, the Head Principal will decide the necessary action, which may include the student being refused entry to attend Fairfield.
    9. Personal cheques will be accepted in time for clearance prior to due date for fees.
    10. Personal cheques will not be accepted once a dishonoured cheque has been presented to the school dishonoured cheque will incur and additional reimbursement of US$40.
    11. If tuition is unable to be settled within the stipulated time period parents must seek alternative financing arrangements in order not to impact student learning and attendance.

Payment of Fees

      • Fees must be paid in US$
      • Payment via Bank Deposit: Account Name: Fairfield International Academy Ltd; Sagicor Bank Fairview Branch: 5503359377 (US$)
      • US$ cheque should be made out to: Fairfield International Academy Ltd

Proof of payment
 of tuition fees must be given to the School Business Manager on or before due date as stipulated on the invoice or sent via email to [email protected] All payments received 10 working days after due date will incur a late payment fee of US$200 which will be applied to outstanding balances.

Transferring/Leaving Students

We appreciate that changing family circumstances will sometimes require that a student transfer to another school. Fees will be payable for the whole of the term in which the enrolment is terminated, except in cases where the Head Principal determines that fair notice is given or that fair notice was impractical. Fair notice is deemed to be one semester.

Family Discounts

Families with two children enrolled at Fairfield International Academy will benefit from a 10% discount on tuition of the younger child. Families with three children enrolled at Fairfield International Academy will benefit from an additional 12% discount on tuition of the youngest children. No further discounts will be offered to families with more than three children.