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Curious. Creative. Caring.

FIA is a growing community where students and faculty come together to discover, to challenge and to create. Collaboration and holistic learning are the common language. We are excited to hear from you, get to know the student and the whole family, and fine tune the transition and curriculum fit for each student, starting right in the admissions process! Getting to know the candidates and their families is the primary goal of our admissions welcome to the FIA family. We want to ensure candidates are comfortable, well informed and engaged throughout the process of getting to know us and completing the admissions materials.

Prep Admissions (PreKindergarten to 6th Grade)

Applications are accepted once a child is born and named! We maintain waiting lists but expect families, once they have paid the application fee, will remain in touch each year to keep the application active.Once admitted, the child and families will be invited to a Campus Visit Day in the spring before the start of the school year.

Contact person: 

High School Admissions(Grades 7 to 12)

Students are encouraged to come to school while it is in session on campus and shadow a student in the class they are applying to in order to meet new friends and have a firsthand insight into the FIA culture. If interested, please contact the School Secretary (contact given below).

  • Step 1. Peruse all the school information, including FAQs, on the web site, or request information directly from the School Secretary
  • Step 2. Complete the full application, using the forms which can be downloaded online or sent to you, if requested by phone. The application fee of USD $160 must accompany the completed application.
  • Step 3. Be sure the appropriate school documentation (Math and English teacher recommendations, and school reports from the last three terms) has been submitted, as well.
  • Step 4. Once your materials have been received, it is time to schedule a personal interview on campus, which generally takes between half an hour and an hour.
  • Step 5. Notification of the admissions decision will be sent in writing within a week of the interview. If a scholarship application has also been completed, it cannot be considered until these first five steps have been completed.
  • Step 6. Once the decision has been sent and the admissions offer has been accepted, the one-time enrollment fee of USD $1500 for the student to be officially enrolled, registered and scheduled into the new school year.

Required Testing – High-School Students

Rising 7th graders applying to FIA are not required to take or present scores for the PEP.

  • At the end of every semester, all FIA students in grades 7 to 12 sit for compulsory internal examinations, preparing them for the rigors of college entrance testing and providing a summative assessment of content covered throughout the semester.
  • Freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors (9th-12th grades) will be advised when and which SAT I, Advanced Placement, and PSAT examinations (offered through the American College Board, to take.
  • As part of the FIA College Process and career planning, introduced to families and students from 7th to 12th grade, all students are given guidance about preparing for college admissions testing and certifications that are also geared for career planning.

The Operational Board of Fairfield International Academy consists of the following individuals:

Please complete the form below or email the School Secretary at with any questions regarding enrollment.


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is a private, independent, coed international school for Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, serving ages 4 to 18, in Montego bay, Jamaica.

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