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As part of our vision to have students to be creative and critical thinkers, and to motivate them to achieve their true potential, Fairfield embraces the student use of computers as part of day-to-day student learning. All students are required to own a functioning computer, capable of accessing the school internet to work online and offline, while enrolled at Fairfield, and bring it to school every day. These conditions are often referred to as a 1:1 School (one child, one device).

Given the technological circumstances of being a 1:1 School (one device per student and per teacher), the school is fully equipped with wireless, firewalled access to the Internet which is as reliable as the area cable networks can be! That equates to a lighter book bag (many texts are online, accessible from anywhere in the world students have online access) and more frequent reporting for families and the students themselves. Staff communicate easily and directly with students and their parents/guardians, and both staff and families are provided with training to keep the FIA community current and working efficiently with all our technologies.

All students are required to read, understand, abide by and sign their compliance with the Fairfield Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). The full text of the AUP is included in the Appendix of the FIA Parent-Student Handbook. Students must take the responsibility of caring for their device and keeping track of its whereabouts, use and content.

Student and Parent Portal to Classes
(Online/Distance Learning)

After substantial research into a variety of learning management and communications’ management systems, FIA has chosen to use the universally accessible package known worldwide as Google Classroom/Meet/Chat and Zoom for video conferencing. There is currently research being done to add to or enhance these management systems and apps to expand and support the curriculum and the communication portals with our families.

We are delighted with the efficiency and effectiveness of our technologies, allowing FIA to be a pioneer in Jamaica for its face-to-face, online and hybrid learning platforms, all integrated in one fluid system with robust reliability and ease of communication, for, about or inside classes!

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