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Around the classroom table, in science labs, on fields, on the beach, in studios or on stage, FIA students find friends and classmates who are smart, caring, and engaged. FIA students like to create, to solve problems, to work hard, to laugh, and to try new things. They develop confidence in themselves and pride in their classmates and their school. What makes FIA thrive are the families, their volunteer time, their creative ideas that invite students and staff into their workplaces, their homes, their holidays and their local connections. Thanks to the unified spirit among the FIA family components, the school is truly international and truly Jamaican.

Through a rigorous, American-based curriculum, students are challenged to rise above limitations but also to achieve ambitious goals with integrity, intelligence, and an entrepreneurial mindset, bringing American and Jamaican values together at FIA. Moreover, we aspire to embrace diversity and individuality in our students and faculty while promoting social responsibility and nurturing a collaborative learning community in an academically demanding, globally focused school.

FIA has been a diverse student community from its inception and continues to embrace new nationalities and cultures as it grows from a frisky startup to a leading Jamaican institution with an international footprint. The school holds as its values for all of its students, the hope that they will grow in their FIA years to:

“In the beginning my son had small challenges at FIA but half way into his first semester he overcame those challenges and grew to love his new school. He and we have realized that being in a big school is just overrated; FIA has all the elements it needs to help him succeed: dedicated teachers, board members that are determined to make this the best international school in the Caribbean and a Principal who is alway on top of things.”

is a private, independent, coed international school for Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, serving ages 4 to 18, in Montego bay, Jamaica.

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