Mission Statement

FIA’s college counseling program helps FIA students to identify colleges and universities that are a good match for their interests, needs and goals, and supports them and their families throughout the college application and decision process.


FIA aspires in its work counseling students and parents about the college process to:

The college process is an integral part of a student’s  educational experience at FIA. Perhaps this will be the first time they are able to use the skills they acquired in the classroom in a real-world application. While we believe that they need to play the lead role in the process, we encourage their parents to work closely with us in preparing and supporting their children as they navigate this exciting and defining step in their life. During the college process we ask that students are ready engage in and complete five tasks:

As they start to think about fit, it is important for them to undergo a thorough self-evaluation of their interests and goals. They also need to think about the types of learning environments that will best match their abilities as a student. We help them sort through statistical information regarding the colleges’ admitted student profiles and recent admission trends to assess students’ chances of being admitted. We hope that by working together we can help our students and their parents navigate the college process in a healthy and productive manner.

We are proud to share with you some of the colleges around the world where our FIA graduates have been admitted.