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At FIA, art is everywhere – sounds wafting out of the music room, special performance events, visual displays of class work on display in classrooms, and a sense that many projects require visual creativity but, most of all, that creative process begins with a course of study incorporating hands-on learning, content knowledge, special supplies, problem-solving, creativity and expression. Talented and passionate faculty (accomplished visual and performing artists in their own right) coach students along with traditional, contemporary, classical and cross-disciplinary means of making and hearing about art.

Exhibition is a key part of the visual and performing arts at FIA, expecting students to show independence and agency in their creative potential, which always adds visual and acoustic beauty to the FIA culture!.

A deliberate combination of art classes and artistic extracurricular offerings (yearbook, improv music club, culinary club, robotics and technology, etc.) allow artistic expression to abound on campus during and outside school hours. FIA art faculty support both breadth and depth in their students’ learning, eliciting passion and skill in the novice artist, while challenging advanced students with sophisticated and developed artistic abilities.

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is a private, independent, coed international school for Pre-Kindergarten to 12th grade, serving ages 4 to 18, in Montego bay, Jamaica.

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