Skill Development & Community

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Scheduled the weekly school timetable are protected periods designed for individual-focussed activities that allow students to explore their own personal passions. Students use this time to find topics that might pique their interests. During the course of a semester, students use these scheduled periods for collaborative learning in certain disciplines or work on larger interdisciplinary projects that cannot be achieved in regular classes. The content and skill development will often vary to meet all-school goals or projects, or the teacher's focus for the day or week.

 ALL-SCHOOL PROJECTS: Also within the framework of the weekly timetable is, a more formal extension of the Grade Advisory, All-School Meetings, which enrich the community and promotes, problem-solving, innovation, and performance skills. Students who are happy, inspired, and engaged with one another are more motivated, innovative and productive. Often the Morning Meetings or All-School Meetings discuss or reflect on concepts that affect the school, the area, the country or the world.